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MREA Rise Up Midwest Publication – Article by Robert Blake

The Just Solar Returning Citizens Initiative is a program that is supported by Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light and Solar Bear in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Corrections to train formerly incarcerated citizens in solar installation and site evaluation, while also awarding them a solar PVC certificate from the Minnesota DOC.

Leading climate justice advocates will discuss what’s possible in Minnesota through the Biden/Harris commitment to a historic $1.7 trillion clean energy investment with 40% targeted to disadvantaged communities and how to get there.

Workforce Innovation Board appoints new members

Energy Sovereignty as a Catalyst for Change, Presented by Bob Blake

Life at the Intersections – An article discussing Bob Blake and his reflections on the inter-connectivity between the Earth, the People, and finding the balance to provide for the needs of both.

Climate and Health Resilience Hub Pilot Project Report Presentation

Can solar power lead the Red Lake Nation toward energy independence?

JANUARY 29, 2021

Solar Power World

Construction continues on Red Lake Nation solar portfolio in Northern Minnesota

Solar Bear founder wants solar everywhere.

Motivation to Transition off Fossil Fuels

Solar Bear helps tribes seize sovereignty, economic opportunities with renewable energy

Energy Vision Advisory Committee Members

Robert Blake, founder of Solar Bear, featured in I’m Awake Podcast 6/8/2018.

Robert Blake, founder of Solar Bear, featured in KFAI talk/ Public Affairs Broadcast on 9/09/2020

Robert Blake, founder of Solar Bear, featured in I’m Awake Podcast 12/19/2020.

JANUARY 29, 2021

Community Power

Solar on St. Paul Schools – Presentation and Seminar

JANUARY 29, 2021

State Of Minnesota

Governor’s Workforce Development Board Members